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About Us

At Simi Dance Center, we pride ourselves in teaching strong fundamentals, amazing
technique, and up-to-date choreography in all styles of dance.
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We are a professional, family friendly dance studio that provides children a safe and loving environment to pursue an education in dance. Our highly qualified faculty and inspirational staff help students capture their own personal style as well as encourage them to have a true understanding, a respect and most importantly a love for all things dance. From a fun extracurricular activity, to a professional dance career, Simi Dance Center offers students any path they desire. We hope that dancers will start at SDC, find a passion for dance and continue to grow in their art for years to

Our studio is equipped with four state-of-the-art rooms and floors. All of our floors are raised and are crucial form of injury prevention. These raised floors allow for more absorption upon impact from dancing and jumping. Our Marley floors were selected for their world famous reputation of being the professional dancing floor. Our well trained dance instructors are dedicated and work together at providing programs tailored to meet your dancer's needs. Simi Dance Center offers classes for both recreation and competitive dance.

For your convience, SDC has an office administrator on staff during class hours.  Any questions or concerns you might have about the studio, your account or any other Simi Dance Center purchase can be directed to them. Simi Dance Center is proud to share this safe and happy environment with your student and family.

Simi Dance Center was established in 1963.

Contact Info

Below you will find our address, phone, email and other contact information - feel free to contact us by any of these methods:  
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Our studio is located at:

1665 E. Los Angeles Ave.
Simi Valley, Calif., 93065
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Phone: 1.805.527.2147
Email: info@simidancecenter.com

Fall classes start 9/7/17

SDC Fall Desk Hours:

Monday: 2:15pm - 9:15pm
Tuesday: 2:15pm - 9:45pm
Wednesday: 2:15pm - 9:45pm
Thursday: 2:15pm - 9:45pm
Friday: 2:45pm - 7:45pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 2:15pm
Sunday: Closed

From The Owners

It is pretty incredible that we are at the end of another dance year. And, what seems even more impressive to me, is that 5 years of owning Simi Dance Center has truly flown by.
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Director's Letter.....

Five years, although so tiny in the grand spectrum of life, has been so abundantly full of memories, life lessons and milestones for our personal family as well as my dance family. Ryan and I became business owners, husband and wife, and then finally parents. These experiences have molded us into completely different human beings; above and beyond what we could have imagined for ourselves. Patience, empathy, gratitude, kindness and clarity are among some of the values that we aim to excercise each day. And although the journey of life isn't always smooth sailing, (let's be honest no one is perfect), I would say my husband Ryan, my son Ruxin and I are making great progress towards actually "living" each day.

If we as humans or dancers choose to look through "glass half empty" eyes, we will waste time focusing on the negativity, our shortcomings, the pettiness, or the emptiness that we haven't conquered, or the things we have not acquired. We must choose to filer and focus our attention on what is TRULY important. The little time we have, the uniqueness of each moment, each performance, each class, counting our blessings, our triumphs, savoring the here and now with the ones we love, no matter the outcome; we must see how excessively abundant our lives truly are.

The past 5 years at SDC have taught Ryan and I how we want to live our lives. By de-cluttering our minds from the negative, or the hurdles set before us, we can clearly envision the energy we hope to portray as a couple and as the head of our dance studio family. We hope to share that passion for life in all that we do.

Here is to another incredible year!

Brigid and Ryan Lohoff
Brigid Silva-Lohoff Reel

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - about our studio, staff, programs, requirements, and more. Have a question that isn't listed? Use our contact form below.  More »

How do I register my daughter/son? 
Come in to Simi Dance Center any time we are open to register your child. We have someone working at the front desk during all studio hours.  (See studio hours for more info.)  Your child is welcome to take one free trial class. Whoever is at the front desk will walk you through all of the studio policies, prices, payment options and details.  They will help register your contact information and your child into our online account system as well as enroll your child into the appropriate classes.  The Registration Fee and policy contract are both due before your child’s first class.

Do you offer adult classes?
Currently, we do not offer adult classes. 

Can boys take all classes, or do you have just “boy” classes?
Boys are allowed to take ALL classes; however, we do have some classes specifically for younger boys to make them feel more comfortable.  This year we have one boy’s tap and two boy’s hip hop classes.

Do you offer private lessons?
We do offer private lessons.  Private lessons must be set up with an SDC faculty member.  The times are subject to the instructor and studio rental space availability.  The private lesson rate may vary depending on the instructor.  This rate is not covered by monthly tuition.  The fee must be paid directly to the instructor.  Also a rental fee is due to SDC upon the time of the lesson. Contact front desk for more information. 

Do you offer ballroom classes or Wedding dance private lessons?
At this time, unfortunately we do not.

Do you offer rental space?
Yes, we do. Please email info@simidancecenter.com for more infomation.


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